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COFFEE NIACINAMIDE BODY POLISH SCRUB :| Reduce hyperpigmentation  | Natural skin Exfoliant. Coffee,  Honey, Sugar, SCI, along with Niacinamide is a perfect Blend to enhance the Blood Circulation in the skin while enhancing the skin glow. The Body polish scrub is an integral part of the skin care regime and has immense benefits in reviving the decaying skin cells. Niacinamide helps the skin moisture from being drained out along with sweat or water. It's immensely effective and helps to keep the skin with sufficient hydration and nourishment. Also help in skin lightening and improves skin      
    COFFEE : Coffee are natural skin Exfoliants that remove dead skin cells revealing the smoother and soften skin, help increasethe blood flow in the skin there by reducing the appearance of cellulite and other skin imperfections.
Enhance Blood Circulation in the Skin
Reduce Hyperpigmentation
Lightens the Skin
Reduce the appearance of Cellulite and Other Skin Imperfection