• HERBAL HAIR GROWTH OIL 100ml 17,50€
  • HERBAL HAIR GROWTH OIL 100ml 17,50€
  • HERBAL HAIR GROWTH OIL 100ml 17,50€
  • HERBAL HAIR GROWTH OIL 100ml 17,50€

A nutrient rich botanical blend that moisturizes, conditions and strengthens scalp and hair strands.  It stimulates healthy hair growth and is rich in ingredients that combat damage caused by the environment, pollutants and the sun.  A perfect hair styling product that gives your hair a beautiful shine.  This oil can be used after the hair is freshly washed, at night to retain hair and scalp moisture before bed . Though can apply on Hair any time


•Stimulates the scalp for healthy hair growth

•Helps to add strength and elasticity to dry and brittle strands

•Helps hair to become less prone to breakage

•Helps build hair’s resilience to protect from future damage, breakage and split ends

•Leaves hair shiny, soft and manageable 

Frequent Questions and Answers

Is it suitable for all hair types?

Yes! Every hair type can benefit from our Herbal Hair Oil. It helps to nourish, moisturize and protect the hair from future damage.

How much should I apply to my hair?

Everyones hair is uniquely different interms of texture and length so we suggest starting out small and then increase if needed.

Can I apply this to my scalp too?

Yes! A little goes a long way. We recommend twice a week, 2-3 drops or spray on the scalp.

Is it safe for color or chemically treated hair?

Whether your hair is bleached, permed, dyed , keratin treated, chemically straightened— we got you— our products are totally safe for use :)

How often should I use it?

As much as you need!

50ml 9,00€